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We live in a modern, technological and rapidly developing world and design is a part of it, it surrounds us, we interact with it every day and do not notice it.
And therefore, the fundamental part when creating projects is ergonomics, functionality and space planning, design should fill and improve the quality of human life.

I am guided by the rule that the main features for creating a unique design are an individual approach, solving specific problems, the ability to combine different styles, combine different materials, furniture, lighting with a focus on functionality and comfort for a particular person. And I want to create an interior design that does not dominate a person, but makes it possible to dissolve in him and create the necessary, completely new mood. At the same time, it hides complex technological solutions and space imperfections. Always open to everything new, I am glad to listen to the wishes and needs of clients to create a unique design project.

The main goal is to create an interior for a specific person that will inspire and give positive emotions.



Experience - 10 years.

For over 10 years now, I have been recreating the desires of my clients and delighting with the results.

I work from anywhere

I work with any part of the world remotely and is always open for new orders. My designs are unique and inimitable, which means that I approach each interior individually.


I already have more than 120 successful projects under my belt and I am not stopping at this!

“"I want to bring love and happiness into your life through interior design"”

Angelina Manko

An architect, designer of architectural environment. Degree-specialist.

Experience of more than 10 years in interior design of residential premises, but despite this, having a lot of experience, always in search of new ideas, technologies, and materials for creating a design that is relevant. A fan of the architectural approach in design, minimalism and composition.   At the same time, she is always ready for new experiments, trials, likes to combine, at first glance, incompatible ones and create balance and harmony. He considers the main criterion for success is to love what you do, not to stand still and always improve.

That is why Angelina travels a lot, attends international exhibitions, museums, salons and lectures that inspire bold ideas, innovative solutions and allow you to keep abreast of everything new. Winner of international design competitions. “Design is an emotion that a person experiences in contact with him,” says Angelina, so the main task is to bring love and happiness to a person’s life through interior design.



As a professional in my field, I am actively developing and am engaged not only in the creation of a unique and practical design project, but also in its implementation. I also offer a design project remotely with the selection of materials and online support. Agree, it's convenient and practical.