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It develops better planning, selects and creates the best solutions for you, which will be displayed in your individual design project.



Planning decision.
Three options for redevelopment of the room, with adjustments, discussion.

3D visualization of the premises. Photorealistic images of each room, with a selection of materials, furniture, lighting, etc., at least 3 angles per room. Visualization of all premises of the designed area.

Working documentation.

Measurement Plan.
Dismantling plan.
Installation plan.
Plan explication of premises.
Plan of arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment.
Floor plan.
Floor plan.
Plan of ceilings (section if necessary).
The layout of the fixtures with dimensions.
Layout plan of fixtures with bindings.
to off
Layout plan for outlets and electrical outlets with bindings and sizes.
Sweep the inner surfaces of the walls necessary
for construction.
Layout layout in bathrooms and apron in kitchen matched tiles.
Knots of complex structural solutions.
Exclusive Elements Design
((panels, forging, stained-glass windows, etc.) sketches and overall dimensions).
Sketch solution of built-in furniture and custom-made furniture.
Marking plan for doors / windows with openings and a plan for opening.
Feature Specification Recommendation
the design of the floor, walls, ceiling and more,
article and name.
Recommendation for furniture specification,
article and name.
Recommendation for the specification of lighting devices, article and name.
Recommendation for a plumbing specification
equipment, article and name.

Order service

Assistance in the implementation of the facility, since repair is a troublesome business even under favorable circumstances. Quality control, compliance with the design of the project, the stages of the work, solving daily issues and much more, this is what you will be protected from without wasting your time and effort.


– control of the correctness of the design project at all stages of repair;
– work with subcontractors, suppliers, additional drawings;
– maintaining a procurement schedule for each stage;
– trips to the facility / salons / shops;
– selection / miscalculation / order of all articles for the project;
– selection of textiles, decor;
– preparation for the move;
– discounts from suppliers.

Order service

This option allows you to work at any distance, but be connected 24/7. With the advent of modern technology, this option has become quite popular. The design of the project includes the maximum number of documents that will allow experienced builders to carry out repairs in accordance with the project.

Order service